Can cannabis help with menopause symptoms?

Can cannabis help with menopause symptoms?
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Menopause symptoms such as insomnia may have an answer at last During menopause, many women experience symptoms that can cause a whole multitude of issues. Hot flushes, insomnia or poor sleep, mood changes and vaginal dryness and pain are just some of the many symptoms. Now, some sufferers are turning to a new alternative medication for help – Cannabis. You may be surprised to hear it, but medical cannabis is one of the biggest growing medicines on the market. This study from 2020 revealed that a huge 27% of North Californian women queried used marijuana to ease menopause symptoms. Anecdotal evidence has started to pile up that cannabis is the go-to treatment for all sorts of issues. Many of these same issues are the symptoms that women are suffering from later in life. Cannabis: Does it really help with menopause symptoms? THC helps regulate body temperature, which will dramatically reduce hot flashes. Research also proves it will settle your mood and improve sleep, but everyone’s reaction may differ. “As with any medication, you will have responders and non-responders. Across the board, especially for sleep, we see great responses.” said Michelle Sexton, doctor of naturopathic medicine at UoC. In Canada, where cannabis has been legalised for both medical and recreational purposes, Laura Hamilton left her finance job to educate on cannabis use. “There is a lot of information out there, it can be hit or miss until you find the right dose. I decided I wanted to help people, encourage them not to be afraid to look into it. They want permission to look at the plant — not through the prism of the war on drugs, but instead for all the benefits it can bring to your life.” The issue for women in the UK now, of course, is the…

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