Small Batch vs. Saturation in the Cannabis Market

Small Batch vs. Saturation in the Cannabis Market

<![CDATA[In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of cannabis, 20 years can seem like a long time. Yet, that’s how long Tyson Lewis has been cultivating the plant.For the past seven of those years, Lewis has run High Noon Cultivation, or High Noon Cult. The business grows in raised soil beds using low-till and no-till methods and has about 7,000 square feet of indoor canopy space for flowering cannabis.Photo courtesy of High Noon CultivationBanana Macaroon (Banana Punch x Dosi) by Symbiotic Genetics, grown by High Noon.Craft producers like Lewis aim to meet cannabis connoisseurs’ needs and wishes by searching for and growing the best genetics while paying attention to the minute details of their cultivation operations.High Noon sells flower to retailers and also works with water hash makers, Lewis said. (“That market segment’s exploding right now,” he said of water hash.)The business uses about 1,200 square feet of its indoor grow for what Lewis called a “continuous pheno hunt.” The business cycles through about four crops each year. “…Between eight and 10 genetics come out of that room at the end of the year that actually meet our standard,” he said. “So, out of thousands of seeds, that’s about what we get.”Explaining some of how the process works, Lewis said that if his team wants to find the best phenotype of Tropicana Cookies, they will purchase numerous seeds of five to 10 different Tropicana Cookies genotypes from various seed providers and try them out.Cultivating and providing consumers with small-batch, sustainable product takes space, time, and money, Lewis said, so on the front end, full-on pheno hunts might appear to lack efficiency. And the genetics don’t always size up to his and his team’s expectations.Jesce Horton, another grower with many years of experience, is founder and CEO of LOWD, an indoor grow in North…

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