Major Food Brands Call For Crackdown on THC Copycat Products

Major Food Brands Call For Crackdown on THC Copycat Products
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A group of a dozen major food companies called on Congress last week to rein in the growing number of THC-infused copycat knockoffs.  Such products have become prevalent in cannabis businesses across America. On the surface, they simply look like some of the country’s best-known junk food such as Cheetos and Oreos. But looks—even iconic packaging—can be deceiving, and a closer inspection of the labels reveals that the foodstuffs are a cause, rather than a cure, for the munchies.  Some products, such as the Oreo-inspired “Stoneos,” are explicit, but others are more subtle. And according to the Washington Post, many “of the copycat packages list no manufacturer, so tracing them is hard.” Now, a coalition of food and beverage giants—including Pepsi, Kellogg and General Mills—are urging Congress to add an amendment to the Shop Safe Act, a bill that “aims to reduce the availability of harmful counterfeit products.”  In a letter to Congress last week, the companies said that the legislation’s current language “creates liability for electronic commerce platforms for advertising, sale or distribution of goods with counterfeit marks that ‘implicate health and safety.’” “Unfortunately, this language does not prohibit sale of the above packaging and products due to the technical definition of counterfeit marks,” the letter to Congress read. “This should be amended to include ‘famous’ marks, a term already defined in U.S. code, to extend this protection and deter the sale of these copycat THC items which clearly ‘implicate health and safety’ of children. This change is critical because it closes a loophole in the existing language to address a critical health and safety issue. We urge your support.” The products have become ubiquitous in the United States, with nearly a dozen states now permitting regulated adult-use cannabis sales.  “Children are increasingly threatened by the unscrupulous use of…

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