Tips For Your First Dispensary Trip

Tips For Your First Dispensary Trip

If you’re getting ready to make your first dispensary trip, you might feel a bit nervous. That’s a common feeling and completely expected. The good news is that cannabis dispensaries continue to evolve, becoming more customer-friendly, even if you’re a cannabis beginner. It’s also an amazing thing you’re about to do. You couldn’t buy cannabis legally anywhere in the United States a decade ago. Now, adult-use marijuana is legal in 18 states and medical marijuana is legal in 38. Buying legal cannabis is so accepted now that experts predict legal marijuana sales will reach $33 billion this year. Still, doing anything for the first time can make anyone anxious. To help calm your concerns, here are some tips for your first dispensary trip. Make Your First Dispensary Trip a Good One The first thing to do is to enjoy yourself. You’ll be amazed at what dispensaries offer. The variety and quality of cannabis products grows with each passing month. You should have no problem finding a product that suits your needs. There Are No “Dumb” Questions No matter what anyone has told you, going to the dispensary is not a coolness test. It’s fine if you don’t know CBD from THC (here’s an article that explains the difference). Search a bit around this site. You will find information you can use. Once in the dispensary, ask budtenders any questions. They are there to make you feel at ease. Look Online First  A great way to find out the type of products available is to look at products in the online marketplace. You’ll also find ways to connect with some of the best brands in cannabis. In some cases, you might be able to buy what you’re looking for online. Know What You Want Some people just want to try a…

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