CBD has been proved to change lives and that’s a fact!

CBD has been proved to change lives and that’s a fact!

We spoke to Jade Proudman – founder of Savage cabbage, find out how CBD changed her life! Jade is a revelation and not what you would expect at all for one of the leading lights in the UK cannabis industry. A young lady who due to serendipity was in the right place at the right time. The universe does work in mysterious ways. Jade was working in social work and enjoying life, until she started facing debilitating and life changing health issues that became increasingly worse, to the point she seriously considered how to check out of life altogether. Her partner, Leslie seeing the devastating impact on Jades life suggested she watch a CNN documentary on Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. The program followed the journey of a little girl called Charlotte Figi, who developed life changing epilepsy. The documentaries real impact was demonstrating how CBD oil dramatically helped Charlotte reduce life threating seizures. Dr Gupta showed the world, for what was really the first time, the huge impact cannabinoids could have on someone who suffered with epilepsy. The program inspired Jade to take action, sending the most important hail marry tweet of her life.  Jade made contact with Joel Stanley, one of the seven Stanley brothers, who in Colorado, where law allowed had actually used the cultivar of cannabis called hippies disappointment to help Charlotte. The success in helping Charlotte reduce the 300 grand mal seizures a week she suffered meant hippies disappointment was renamed in her honour. The CBD rich Cannabis oil gave Ms Figi a quality of life that been unimaginable before. Each of the daily seizures that shook the little body of charlotte could potentially be life ending, but the situation changed as Charlotte’s web oil took effect the seizures reduced to a handful a month bringing so…

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Source : CBD has been proved to change lives and that’s a fact!

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