Where did Runtz strains come from?

Where did Runtz strains come from?

Since making a splash in Southern California in 2018, love for the Runtz strain has spread far and wide. Today you can find it everywhere from Seattle to Tel Aviv. It’s one of the most searched strains of all time, mentioned in well over 100 rap songs, and its popularity continues to grow. White, pink, purple, and even banana — the OG Runtz strain has morphed and multiplied, but where did this strain come from? How did it become so popular? And how many Runtz strains are there today? Find Runtz strains Runtz origin story Runtz is what happened when Ray Bama and his partner Nick decided to cross Cookies’ Gelato genetics with Dying Breed Seeds’ Zkittlez. When it came time to sample two phenotypes, #3 and #7, they knew within minutes they were on to something big. “To make a legendary strain, it has to be something new. You have to have innovation. You have to dial it in. You have to check all the boxes,” Bama told Leaf Nation. “I feel like Runtz took it to a whole other level of candy.” The new strain creation had a trifecta they knew would set it apart: look, smell, and flavor. When naming the new strain, the two decided to play off the unmistakable fruity aroma, the bud size, and its Zkittlez parentage and quickly landed on the popular ’80s-era fruit-shaped candy by Nestle. Rounding out their team with LA-based rapper Yung LB, the trio soon came to be known as the “Runtz Crew.” After a soft premier of the strain at the December 2017 Santa Rosa Emerald Cup — which included three pounds of Runtz, 1,000 t-shirts, and five models — Runtz started to get noticed. If you trace the level of interest on Google, it seemed that Runtz…

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