Nicaraguan President’s Son Muses On Cannabis Regulation Via Twitter

Nicaraguan President’s Son Muses On Cannabis Regulation Via Twitter

Via…. Noticas Sin Juan Carlos Ortega Murillo, one of the sons of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, proposed this Tuesday to discuss the legalization of cannabis in the Central American country. “When will be the time for Nicaragua to formally discuss the feasibility (or not) of decriminalizing the production, sale, possession and consumption of cannabis sativa and its derivatives?” Ortega Murillo wrote in a series of messages on Twitter. . “Would it be worth discussing the issue with specialists based in those countries of our continent where the decriminalization of cannabis is already a reality?” he said in another message. The also son of Vice President Rosario Murillo wondered under what regulations the production, marketing and consumption of cannabis sativa in Nicaragua could be governed. Also if it would be feasible for production and marketing to be managed “under a family economy model that favors micro and small production in the countryside and the city.” Likewise, he wondered how the decriminalization of cannabis would impact Nicaragua’s economic development and whether limiting the production quota “would guarantee that food production, vital for our food sovereignty and Nicaraguan exports, is not neglected.” “Could the consumption of cannabis be regulated under the same regulations with which the consumption of alcoholic beverages is governed in the country?”, he inquired. It also inquired about the possible “contributions” that “the regulation of the production and commercialization of cannabis could make to better confront organized crime and human trafficking.” Ortega Murillo argued that “the benefits of using cannabis sativa for medicinal purposes are already more than proven” and “now we should study the experience of those countries where there are no longer any restrictions for any use, but where there are regulations that seek guarantee public order and safety. Some of the Twitter users supported the president’s son’s…

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