Alfie Dingley celebrates two years seizure free with medical cannabis

Alfie Dingley celebrates two years seizure free with medical cannabis
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The mother of Alfie Dingley has challenged UK bodies blocking access to medical cannabis, as her son marks two years seizure free. Hannah Deacon, whose son Alfie is affected by severe epilepsy, has renewed calls for leading doctors and regulators to review their stance on prescribing medical cannabis to other children with the condition.  At the age of six, Alfie, was at the centre of a high-profile campaign that saw medical cannabis legalised in November 2018, with any clinician on the GMC specialist register permitted to prescribe. On Thursday 28 April the family celebrated Alfie reaching two years with no seizures, thanks to consistent access to the “life-transforming” medicine. But despite the legalisation, he remains only one of three children in the UK to benefit from an NHS prescription for cannabis. Dozens of other families are having to secure the medicine privately at a cost of up to £2,000 a month, with new guidance from the British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA)  sparking fears that they may soon be blocked from the private route too.  Updated recommendations from the body, published in October last year, puts the onus on the prescribing doctor to ensure families can afford to carry the financial burden. It states: “If a paediatric neurologist prescribes an unlicensed CBPM in private practice they should also be certain that the family can sustain the cost of ongoing private prescriptions. “We consider it unethical to initiate a treatment in private practice for which funding is not available in the longer term. The NHS is unlikely to meet the cost of future prescriptions of an unlicensed medicine that has no Level 1 evidence of efficacy and safety. “ Meanwhile the refusal of the BPNA to support doctors in prescribing cannabis medicines, has led to a shortage of paediatric neurologists willing to…

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