President’s Son Suggests Cannabis Legalization in Nicaragua

President’s Son Suggests Cannabis Legalization in Nicaragua
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If this were the 1980s, an attack and then parry in response between two countries in Central America—specifically Nicaragua and Honduras—would be nothing of note. The aforementioned plus neighbouring country, El Salvador, was the site of a bloody battle known as Iran Contra back in the day. The “elevator high pitch” for those that missed it was that it was, from a North American perspective anyway, kind of like Vietnam, The Eighties version, with a few hemispheric twists. It also gave rise to loads of action movies set slightly south of Mexico’s border and featuring actors who appeared in such immortal titles, half clothed, with ripped bodies of all genders, endless ammunition, and a great deal of violence in and to a lot of delicate and hard to replace vegetation. Not to mention human lives. As with most such skirmishes, as well as Cold Wars that turn hot, it was bloody, and there were issues on all sides, although “atrocity” of the human rights kind happened less on the Nicaraguan one. Internationally, the conflict came to represent which political side you were on. The Contras were supported, including illegally and covertly, under the Reagan Administration, in part by highly “creative” and illegal deals for drugs. Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s current president, led the resistance in his country and survived to have grown children and to lead the country by winning a democratic election. Here is the modern update. In this unique and unprecedented piece of cannabis legalization history, one of Ortega’s sons has now announced that the normalization of cannabis should be “discussed” at the federal level. There are many ironies to this story beyond the father-son theme. Both sides in the war in El Salvador and Nicaragua were accused of illegal drug running to raise cash to fund what was…

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