Italian City of Bologna Supports Recreational Cannabis Reform

Italian City of Bologna Supports Recreational Cannabis Reform
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Four city counsellors in the Italian city of Bologna have come forward in support of recreational cannabis reform for their municipality. In this central, northern city known for its historical infrastructure dating back to medieval times, the goal is to continue the debate about cannabis reform on a local level to keep political pressure alive—and to figure out basic logistics. In Bologna, the current suggestion is that initial recreational access happens through the city’s pharmacies (much like the Swiss model rolling out this summer just across the border). The Current Legalization Status of Italy The country is moving forward on reform in ways that are similar but not a carbon copy of any other European country at the moment. “Medical cannabis” with high THC is produced at the Military Pharmaceutical Chemical plant (located in Florence) and also imported via strict pharmaceutically defined channels.  Private vendors (Aurora) actually operate the domestic cannabis facilities, but it is a high-security environment. Home grow is also not strictly legit, although case precedent has essentially decriminalized it for patients who can prove they are sick. That still does not protect them from police raids, but at least there is a growing awareness that this issue cannot be entirely removed from the room. Beyond this, hemp and low THC, aka “cannabis light,” is also legal in the country (formally) putting Italy on par with the UK rather than, say, Germany in this regard right now although there is a growing CBD market in Germany. Vendors just have to prepare themselves for the ever-present threat of a criminal charge. There are currently 200 pending prosecutions against only CBD establishments. That phenomenon is not being seen in Italy where low THC products are available at specialized stores and via online sales. There has been a petition drive to…

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