Adding Flavour to Cannabis

Adding Flavour to Cannabis

It’s a question that gets asked from time to time: is it possible to add flavour to cannabis after harvest time? Flavour is one of the most appealing things about some strains of cannabis. From the mind-blowing fruity punch of Strawberry Cough or Larry Lemon OG to the creamy, dreamy flavours of Cream & Cheese the taste experience is an essential component of cannabis for most of us. But what do you do when your weed comes up short in the flavour department? The good news is there are options, and if you’re willing to take a few careful steps, you can potentially enhance the taste of your buds. What Gives Cannabis its Taste The chief culprits in providing the cannabis plant with its flavour are terpenes – a large and diverse class of organic compounds found in many plants, including conifers and mint. In cannabis, terpenes such as myrcene are responsible for the skunky aroma, whereas citrus-dominant strains will have limonene (lemon) or valencene (orange) as their primary terpene. Beta-caryophyllene has a spicy-peppery smell, and linalool is a more floral expression. These, along with over 150 other terpenes, are found in small amounts in cannabis and work together to define your favourite tasty strains’ smell and taste characteristics. Why your Weed Tastes Weird If you’ve ever delved into a bag of your favourite cannabis and been dismayed to find it tastes underwhelming, there are several reasons why this could have happened. A series of factors during cannabis growth and harvest play a part in determining just how flavourful the plant ends up. Any mistakes made by growers could result in the end product being disappointingly bland. While specialist cannabis cultivation techniques such as LST (Low-Stress Training) can maximise taste, improper flushing, an insufficient curing process, or using the wrong…

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