Kosmik Brands Orbits the Moon on Artemis I

Kosmik Brands Orbits the Moon on Artemis I
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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … a cannabis company in space? Yeah, you read that right. Whether it be redefining high dosage as we know it or taking a trip to the Moon, Kosmik Brands continues to defy gravity—and all expectations. One bite of a Kosmik gummy and it becomes clear why this company is dominating the edibles market. With their “Core 4” values of taste, texture, potency, and quality, and their innovative approach to edibles, it appears they have cracked the code with their one-of-a-kind products. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes Kosmik so spectacular. Arguably the founding father of high dosage, Kosmik Brands pioneered the Oklahoma market since day one with chronic pain patients and veterans in mind. Their classified, high dosage line began with the first of its kind, the Black Hole. This next-level gummy was inspired by the ever-fascinating celestial phenomenon, black holes, known to be so intense that no object, particle, or light can escape it. With that in mind, they created a product that had never been seen before in their home state—a gummy with 100mg per piece and 1000mg per bag, available in four unforgettable flavors. Soon to follow was their Supernova, a fan favorite also inspired by cosmic events. This mystery flavor is the first step in their high dosage line, with 50mg per piece and 500mg per bag. In fact, consumers loved Supernova so much, Kosmik recently added three new flavors to the lineup—blue, pink, and green. Courtesy of Kosmik Brands At the end of your high dosage journey waits an immersive experience—the Abyss. Encouraging consumers to explore their limits, they are sure to have an elevated experience with this revolutionary edible. The Abyss, another first of its kind, packs a whopping 200mg dose in a single…

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