Article: Decrim Movement Split Over Peyote, Possession Limits, and Tactics

Article: Decrim Movement Split Over Peyote, Possession Limits, and Tactics

Lucid News report his article is part 2 of a series. For part 1, click here. Join series author Ali McGhee for a discussion about these articles on Twitter Spaces, Tuesday April 26 at 8:00 ET / 5:00 PT. Click here to join. Decriminalize Nature, the national organization that has brought together local chapters to advocate for the decriminalization of psychedelics, is proud of its guidelines. These guidelines emphasize its commitment to ensuring equitable access to all plants and fungi containing psychedelic compounds that are currently on the Schedule 1 list of controlled substances. The group also advocates for decriminalization of these substances without possession limits that are sometimes part of state initiatives. Among the plants that DN calls for decriminalizing is peyote, a controversial stance among psychedelic activists and one that has thrown DN’s national board of directors into the spotlight, including public disagreements with other leaders and organizers in the field. Citing widespread concern that the overharvesting of wild peyote threatens the plant with extinction, several groups have cut ties with DN citing the organization’s stance on peyote as a central factor. Nathan Howard, of the Plant Medicine Healing Alliance (PMHA), a national organization that focuses on decriminalization efforts in Portland and Oregon, notes that “people, including DN’s founders, have gone in different directions because of things like what we’ve seen with the National Council of Native American Churches (NCNAC), which has made really clear requests not to include their sacred medicine” in decrim efforts. Howard adds that “peyote is trending in the wrong direction.” He says that personality clashes between DN leadership and other individuals and groups have caused fractures within the organization that has affected the larger psychedelic advocacy movement. Bia Labate, Chacruna founder and spokesperson, criticizes DN’s continued conflicts with the NCNAC and others over peyote. She says Chacruna does not currently foresee a future relationship with…

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