How to Grow Weed in a Closet

How to Grow Weed in a Closet

Over the last few months, we’ve given you the skinny on how to grow cannabis plants in some seriously confined spaces, including small-scale grow tents, balconies, and even micro grows. This article looks at how you can successfully grow weed in yet another tiny area – a cupboard or closet. We aim to prove that no matter your limitations, cannabis growers can easily surmount any concerns over space and privacy and produce cannabis from seed, no matter how restricted you think you are. Table of contentsWhy You Might Grow Cannabis in a CupboardThings to Consider When Growing Weed in a ClosetThe Equipment You NeedChoosing the Right Cannabis Seeds for a Closet GrowGetting Started with Your Closet GrowVentilating a Closet GrowLighting a Closet GrowThe Grow Medium for Closet WeedAir Purification for Your Closet GrowWatering Your Weed in a Closet GrowTraining Your Plants in a Closet GrowTopping/FimmingGrowing Weed in a Closet – Conclusions Why You Might Grow Cannabis in a Cupboard There are plenty of reasons to start an indoor grow project such as this. If you have limited space, rather than set up a larger grow room, you can still produce a couple of plants in a cupboard (call it a grow closet) without too much clutter. Keeping your project confined to a small space such as this cuts down on hassle – everything is in one tiny area, making it easy to manage and monitor. Maybe privacy is your main concern, in which case a ‘closet grow’ keeps your plants nicely out of sight and makes odour containment relatively easy to manage at the same time. From a budget standpoint, utilising your closet as a grow space saves you money on having to shell out for a grow tent. Growing cannabis in a cupboard is an excellent way for newcomers…

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