First Annual California Psychedelic Conference Highlights Influential People

First Annual California Psychedelic Conference Highlights Influential People
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Hosted by Oakland Hyphae and held at The East Angel in downtown Los Angeles between April 23-24, The California Psychedelic Conference is positioning itself as an essential source of passion to direct the psychedelics industry as it becomes more mainstream. Event Founder Reggie Harris, who has previously been involved in other psychedelic-related events such as the Psilocybin Cup and Oakland Psychedelic Conference within the last two years, is excited to present a diverse group of people with a wealth of information to share about psychedelics. “This isn’t another event centered around Ivy League educated white males who work in Biotech or Pharma, and have never tripped before,” said Harris. “We’re featuring REAL people from the community, some of whom have been in the psychedelic game for decades.” Some of the world’s most renowned mushrooms cultivators will be in attendance, as well as therapists, activists, medicine workers, and artists. “There will be deep dive discussions on the real history of psychedelic policy, hosted by people who experienced these moments firsthand,” an Oakland Hyphae press release states. “You can also expect panels on psychedelic parenting and maternity, sex and psychedelics, mushroom cultivation, harm reduction, avoiding the path of cannabis, and so much more.” The press release also suggests that not becoming more actively involved in the legalization of psychedelics could “become a capitalist nightmare,” so the goal of this event is to highlight some of the industry’s most respected minds to help guide legislation as psychedelics enter the mainstream market. “There would be no psychedelic community without the legacy community, PERIOD,” said Harris. “These people have put their lives on the line and built this culture for us to be a part of. In a day and age when we talk about ‘Land Back’ and Reparations, we have a unique opportunity to…

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