Bride, Caterer Accused of Lacing Wedding Food with Weed

Bride, Caterer Accused of Lacing Wedding Food with Weed
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Alanis Morisette never sang about weed on a wedding day, but for one Florida bride and caterer, there was some good advice that they just didn’t take.  Here’s the story, via CNN and various other media reports: 42-year-old bride Danya Shea Svoboda and 31-year-old caterer Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant “have been charged with culpable negligence, delivery of marijuana and violating Florida’s Anti-Tampering Act” stemming from a February wedding in Longwood, Florida that turned into a serious buzzkill.  According to CNN, Svoboda and Bryant have been “arrested and accused of lacing wedding food, including lasagna, with marijuana and causing several guests to become sick.”  The affidavit says that the bride “agreed to and allowed Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant to lace the food she served … with cannabis unbeknownst to the attendees, many of whom became very ill and required medical attention.” Deputies arrived at a community clubhouse in Longwood that night to find several guests receiving medical attention. For some, the evening was anything but enchanting.  CNN, detailing the affidavit, reported that “one woman who attended the wedding told an investigator that while she was at the hospital, she felt paranoid and ‘believed her husband … wasn’t telling her the truth about other family members,’ and that her son-in-law had died and no one was telling her.” She also said she “became loud and unruly in the emergency room and had to be given medication to calm down,” according to CNN. Investigators and the wedding guests themselves have apparently been unable to get straight answers from the bride and groom.  CNN says that when a “a deputy asked Danya and her husband, Andrew Svoboda, if they had requested or consented to the food containing cannabis, Andrew ‘stared at (the deputy) with a blank expression for a few moments before stuttering through a ‘no.’”…

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