5 wholesome ways to celebrate 420 and the cannabis community

5 wholesome ways to celebrate 420 and the cannabis community

4/20 is much more than a day to pad corporate pockets — it’s a celebration of cannabis and community. It’s a day to get together with your favorite people and share your favorite green in honor of the many ways this little plant has changed our lives. It’s a day where we thank the Waldos for setting an extremely random time to go on a Cannabis Treasure Hunt. With those sentiments at heart, here are five wholesome ways to celebrate 420 and your love for cannabis. Donate to a cannabis nonprofit organization Break bread with the people on 420. Though cannabis is legal in many states, underneath that umbrella is a whole world of companies being destroyed by the Powers That Be. Social equity and opportunity for Black and Brown folks is a fight. Equal representation for women is a fight. Lobbying against the predatory tax structures is a fight. Trying to free people from prison for a plant that corporations are making mega-millions from is a fight. 4/20’s a good day to put support behind the people and companies facing these wars (on drugs) head-on, just so this industry can even exist, and that cheap ounce deal you got on 420 can even be possible. Learn how to support the community Cop something from a small business Anyone whose primary goal is to spread the gospel of cannabis and use it to positively impact humanity should have a chance to participate in this budding industry. Shopping at a small dispensary and/or purchasing weed from a small brand are two excellent ways to show you believe the same. Gift weed to a person in need Fam, there’s no better feeling than giving people fire weed. Especially people that don’t have the means to buy it themselves. Use today to bless…

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