Survey Shows Cannabis Use on the Upswing

Survey Shows Cannabis Use on the Upswing
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A new survey on cannabis consumption shows that use is increasing among American adults, with nearly one in five reporting using cannabis at least three times per week. The study also found that one in eight (12%) of cannabis users reported using cannabis daily or multiple times per day, with one-third of daily users saying that they began consuming at this increased rate within the past 12 months. The online survey explored the cannabis consumption, attitudes, and purchase behaviors of nearly 2,800 adult Americans. The poll was completed earlier this month by global public opinion and data company YouGov in partnership with Chicago-based creative services agency Receptor Brands and marketing and branding company Sister Merci. The survey found that 19% of adults said that they used cannabis at least three times per week, which the questionnaire’s designers classified as heavy based on comparable metrics for alcohol use. Among these heavy cannabis users, 43% were women, 55% were parents, and more than half (54%) were older than 35 years old. Of those who consume cannabis daily, 52% started doing so in the last 4 years and 33% within the last year. Nearly half of heavy users said that they would not describe themselves as a stoner. These individuals believe cannabis provides a functional benefit more than a cultural connection. Additionally, even though they are heavy users, they do not consider people who use cannabis for relaxation, sleep, or medical purposes to be stoners. “As we witness the normalization of cannabis consumption and with 420 right around the corner, we were interested in deconstructing the outdated “stoner” trope and understanding heavy users as well as how consumption habits change over time,” said Allison Disney, partner at Receptor Brands, in a statement about the research. Disney added that among those who used marijuana…

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