Bella Thorne, Boss

Bella Thorne, Boss
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Driving up to actress and cannabis entrepreneur Bella Thorne’s hilltop mansion in the picturesque backcountry canyons outside of Los Angeles, one could be forgiven for thinking that they were instead somewhere much more off-the-grid. This is a discrete area of Los Angeles County—close to the action, but far enough away that people who don’t want to be seen all the time can duck into the hills for some fresh air, literally and figuratively. Homes here are perched atop and in the pit of canyons, but rarely at street level, and driveways are always gated, with properties obscured by vegetation. The message is clear: All who live in this beautiful place prefer to do so in solitude. Come in peace, but only if you’re invited. It just so happened that I had an invite, courtesy of Thorne and her team of handlers, though it still felt like I was trespassing in some sense. For me, maneuvering my Mini Cooper on twisting dirt roads while treading up and down hills in the uncharacteristic pounding rain of our drought-plagued state reminded me of driving in Humboldt County in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, oddly enough. Humboldt County is, of course, California’s famed cannabis growing country, and it’s another stunningly pretty place where people are welcomed with open arms, so long as they have an invite. Just like in the Triangle, there’s the promise of weed at the top of the hills on my horizon. Only this time, my car swerved between hulking live oak trees, not redwoods. And instead of meeting a grizzled farmer, I’d be interviewing a bonafide celebrity who’s finding her footing in the newly legal weed industry. When I arrived at Thorne’s house—a gorgeous structure that towers over the canyons below and offers faint ocean views, as well as ample hillscapes…

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