Michigan Cannabis Regulators Agency “We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny”

Michigan Cannabis Regulators Agency “We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny”

MLive reports Michigan blocks sale of marijuana products worth millions without explanation Troy Boquette, the general manager of Freddie’s Joint, a marijuana shop in Clio, arrived to work Friday, April 15, to learn the THC-infused blue-raspberry gummies his store bought the day prior were placed on hold by the state licensing agency. By noon, other flavors were added to the list. The gummies came from a licensed marijuana processor named Sky Labs in Mount Morris, a company that specializes in making edibles. As he was speaking to an MLive reporter, Boquette noticed additional vaping products sold under a brand sometimes produced by Sky Labs, had also been placed on hold by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, formerly the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, renamed by executive order this week. “This is not something that we would even be able to comment on,” Cannabis Regulators Agency (CRA) spokesman David Harns said when contacted by phone Friday. “We can’t acknowledge or confirm an investigation” is underway. “I can’t discuss this topic with you.” Attorney Denise-Policella, who represents Sky Labs, said the hold was placed on all of the business’s products, worth in excess of $5 million, without explanation about 4 p.m. Thursday, April 14. “At 4 p.m. they received a call from a client and literally all of their product started going on administrative hold,” Policella said. The CRA “said it’s related to an investigation. It does not appear to be a public health or safety matter, but I’m speculating, because they didn’t issue a recall. When the CRA places a product on hold, it theoretically prohibits transfer and sales; however, Boquette said his point-of-sale system doesn’t automatically flag sales of marijuana that is on hold in the statewide monitoring system. His employees perform daily checks on inventory to determine product is safe and clear…

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