Why Kentucky’s House-Passed Medical Marijuana Bill Died In The Senate (Op-Ed)

Why Kentucky’s House-Passed Medical Marijuana Bill Died In The Senate (Op-Ed)
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“It’s a shame that Republican leaders have turned their backs on Kentucky’s farmers and veterans, two Republican-leaning groups that directly benefit from legal cannabis.” By Jim Higdon, Cornbread Hemp Last week, hope died that Kentucky would join 37 other states to legalize medical marijuana with the end of the legislative session. Cause of death: Senate Republican leadership. The Kentucky House, dominated by a Republican supermajority, passed a very limited medical marijuana bill sponsored by Rep. Jason Nemes, a Republican. The bill was far too strict by any non-Kentucky standard, but it was a step in the right direction. Its passage would have put Kentucky one step closer to becoming a healthier state. As the data generated in medical marijuana states continues to be studied, it seems clear that states with legal cannabis have a surprising number of better outcomes over a range of key health indicators. States with legal medical marijuana have seen a greater than 25 percent reduction in opioid overdoses, and have become less obese and less reliant on the foster care system. These are three areas where Kentucky could use some help. Kentucky currently ranks second for drug overdose mortality, fourth in child abuse cases and fifth in obesity rates. Medical marijuana, it seems, could help with all these. I am a Kentucky native who knows cannabis politics, and I am the co-founder of a Kentucky-based CBD brand, Cornbread Hemp. Before that, I was a journalist covering cannabis policy for POLITICO on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country. Also, my father is a Republican state senator in Kentucky. So cannabis in Kentucky is a topic and a place that I understand. Earlier this year, I published a column in Louisville’s Courier-Journal where I examined recent polling data that showed just how strong the support is…

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