Live Rosin Gummies: A New Frontier in Edibles Innovation

Live Rosin Gummies: A New Frontier in Edibles Innovation
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In March 2022, the edibles company Wana Brands launched a new addition to their lineup of vegan cannabis-infused products: Wana Spectrum Live Rosin Gummies.  Available in frosty flavors like Citrus Sorbet and Watermelon Slushy, these fast-acting gummies are already a hit with Colorado consumers, largely because they deliver what Wana calls, “a multi-dimensional high unlike any other edibles experience.” But what exactly does that mean? The answer lies in understanding the difference between edibles made from THC distillate and those made from one of the most premium substances ever to come out of the cannabis industry: live rosin. The Deal with Distillate Unless you’re a real cannabis connoisseur, most of the edibles you’ve consumed – including Wana’s –were probably made from THC distillate. That means the THC has been isolated and literally distilled from the cannabis plant, stripping it of all the terpenes and other beneficial compounds found in nature. This may not sound great… after all, we’ve written before about how important terpenes can be in shaping your cannabis experience.  But the good news is, terpenes can be reintroduced after the THC is distilled. Wana’s distillate edibles are enhanced with more than 30 terpenes in various combinations, so customers can choose between relaxing, uplifting or balanced effects. And distillate gummies have other advantages, like delivering consistent effects every time you take one. Still, there’s no denying that distillate gummies are a step removed from the ultimate, slightly unpredictable adventureof consuming cannabis in its natural state. That’s where live rosin comes in. What Is Live Rosin? THC distillate is made from cannabis that’s been cut, cured and dried. With due respect to this tried-and-true method, it can degrade the chemistry of the plant, breaking down terpenes and cannabinoids and dulling their effects. Live rosin, on the other hand, is made by flash-freezing fresh-cut cannabis. This preserves all the active…

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