Here we go! They are all Bickering at Decriminalize Nature

Here we go! They are all Bickering at Decriminalize Nature

People, psychedelics, politics & power. You’d hope with ethnogens it would different but no these people can’t help themselves and of course, the A types will win out leaving the rest of us picking up the pieces. Lucid News reports While the national leadership of the activist group Decriminalize Nature has supported dozens of local chapters to push for the reform of laws governing psychedelics, some of those chapters are now breaking away due to disagreements over guiding principles and conflicts with board members. As some groups and individuals shed their association with Decriminalize Nature, others are stepping into new relationships with the organization as DN’s goals evolve.  When Decriminalize Nature was founded in ear​​ly 2019 during the early days of the psychedelic decriminalization movement, it took a stridently open source approach to organizing. Local chapters were encouraged to pursue their own strategies and policies within a big tent that, according to organizers, came to include 100 active grassroots initiatives across the country. Fast forward to August 2021, when the national board of Decriminalize Nature (DN) released a new set of guidelines for its local chapters, asserting that the national organization owns the trademark for its name and can assess whether local groups are adhering to its core principles. [Join author Ali McGhee for a discussion about this article on Twitter Spaces, Tuesday April 26 at 8:00 EST / 5:00 PCT. Click here to join.] Some of those principles are controversial, particularly DN’s insistence on the decriminalization of all psychedelic plants, including peyote, despite the protests of the Native American Church which believes that such a move could push the cactus towards extinction. Also of concern to some activists is DN’s rejection of all possession limits in laws governing psychedelic plants, a position which has put the organization at odds with other activists…

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