Can Cannabis Treat Multiple Sclerosis?

Can Cannabis Treat Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. While there is no known cure for the disease, cannabis can help sufferers manage some of their symptoms. Sadly, however, there are no guarantees that using cannabinoids will work, as the condition affects each patient differently. Related Post Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Cannabis Multiple sclerosis is characterised by various symptoms that are known to be impacted by cannabis, including spasticity and neuropathic pain. While the exact cause of the illness is uncertain, we do know that it is triggered by the immune system attacking the myelin that insulates nerve cells. This can result in a varied and unpredictable array of issues such as fatigue, memory loss, blindness and paralysis, many of which can’t be treated with cannabis. The first significant study on cannabis use amongst people living with multiple sclerosis was conducted in 1997 and revealed that up to 97 per cent of users experienced improvements in spasticity and neuropathic pain. However, the plant was less effective at relieving symptoms like dimness of vision, sexual dysfunction, impaired balance or memory loss[i]. A major UK-wide study conducted in 2003 found that patients who used either synthetic THC or an oral extract containing both THC and CBD reported more significant improvements in spasticity, spasms and sleep than those who received a placebo[ii]. Further research indicated that patients who used a cannabis extract for eight weeks experienced twice as much relief from muscle stiffness as those in the placebo group[iii]. Given the well-established link between cannabinoids and pain relief, it’s unsurprising that cannabis has shown promise as a treatment for neuropathic pain in people with multiple sclerosis. One early study found that MS patients who used an extract containing THC and CBD experienced a 41…

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