5 Ways to Increase Your High Without More Cannabis

5 Ways to Increase Your High Without More Cannabis

The psychoactive effects of cannabis can be powerful, but depending on the quality of your strain or the quantity you’ve taken, those effects can wane all too quickly. Wondering if you can increase your high without doubling up on the dose? The answer is yes, you can, and we’ll show you how. Best of all, the solutions for ramping up the effects of cannabis are remarkably simple, cheap (free in some cases), and can be achieved by anyone. From taking a t-break to taking a tea break, here are our best tips for enhancing the stone: FYI, if consuming cannabis is illegal where you live, then these tips aren’t for you Table of contentsChange Your StrainChange Your MethodChange Your HabitsChange Your SnacksChange Your Workouts Change Your Strain This is a simple tip if you find you’re no longer getting the same psychoactive kick from your cannabis. It’s not just regular use that impacts your cannabis tolerance – if you usually smoke the same old strain, even if it’s a good one, chances are your body is going to get used to dealing with that amount of THC. By varying your strains, you’re introducing your endocannabinoid system to new terpenes and different cannabinoid levels, which means the potential for different effects than you’re used to. Try something with a higher THC content. Change Your Method Are you loyal to joints, vehement on vaping, or do you only ever do bong hits? Like anything else, your body will eventually adapt to your method of marijuana use and know what to expect. Sure, you’ll get high, but change it up once in a while and see if you notice a difference in just how high you get. Blazing a different trail can lead to new adventures, so why not give another method a…

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