How to choose the right cannabis vape cartridge for you

How to choose the right cannabis vape cartridge for you
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Cannabis vaporiser manufacturer, Cilicon, explains what you need to know when it comes to choosing the right vape cartridge for you. A typical cannabis vape cartridge is a cylindrical vape component consisting of three main parts. Starting from the top portion of a cannabis vape cartridge, it is the mouthpiece part on which cannabis vapers put their lips and inhale the vaporised oil. The next part is the oil tank, where the manufacturers keep their CBD oil within the device. Here comes the crucial element of a cannabis vape cartridge: the heating core or the atomiser. Vapers consume CBD oil in the vapour form. Thus, it needs a heating component to transform from oil to vapour. Where does a cartridge get its power to create heat? Yes, it needs to be connected to a battery. Most cannabis vape cartridges have a threaded connector to make them easily attachable to their power sources. Disposable cartridges and refillable cannabis vape cartridges The main question is: how do you choose the right cannabis vape cartridge for you? There are two primary categories of cartridges in the market: disposable and refillable types. The disposable cannabis vape cartridges are the simplistic option for people who want to be practical in consuming their vapes. The disposable cartridge is what people dispose of after the CBD oil runs out. The disposable cannabis vape cartridge is pretty convenient to use. There is no need to fill oil and seal it by yourself. Due to its disposable feature and professional sealing process, disposable sealing effects must be better than refilling ones. So there is less risk of oil leakage and air clog problem. The oil tank will be cleaner and safer in the meantime. The downside of disposable cartridges is that people get less variety of flavours. Also, they…

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