How Texas Original Grows For a Cannabis Market With No Flower

How Texas Original Grows For a Cannabis Market With No Flower

<![CDATA[Editor’s Note: Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation and CEO Morris Denton are featured on the April 2022 cover of Cannabis Business Times. Read the story about the company’s expansion plans in the state’s medical market here. More details about how Texas Original approaches cultivation in a state that does not allow flower are below. The Texas government hasn’t given cannabis patients the green light to purchase or consume cannabis flower or concentrates, but the medicine produced by vertically integrated companies in the state is quite literally rooted in the plant and the practices of those who are growing it.Every day, members of the cultivation team at Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation state three things they’re grateful for that they can dedicate their work to, and they write daily quotes on a board, says Jason Sanders, the company’s director of cultivation.The quotes are sometimes well-known quotes and other times original quotes from within the Texas Original team. One of the cultivation technicians, Marco Gutierrez, once wrote on the board, “Cultivation is the Growth and Cult of Creation.” Sanders says a Hunter S. Thompson quote has also appeared on the board: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”The team believes that having that positive approach carries through to the final product, Sanders says.This mindset is an element of Texas Original’s broader cultivation procedures and will continue to be once the business moves from its roughly 7,200-square-feet vertically integrated facility with indoor grow spaces to a much larger 92,000-square-foot facility with greenhouse production and some indoor grow rooms. The move, from Manchaca, Texas, southwest of Austin, to Bastrop, southeast of Austin, will take place either late in the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter of 2022.Photo courtesy of Texas Original Compassionate CultivationThe Texas Original cultivation teamGiven that Texas’ market only allows…

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