Limited British Study on Cannabis and Chronic Pain to be Launched

Limited British Study on Cannabis and Chronic Pain to be Launched
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After all the delays, obfuscations and denials, the British are finally taking the next obvious step toward a better understanding of the medical efficacy of cannabinoids. Namely, a highly limited medical cannabis trial dubbed Canpain focusing on chronic pain has just been announced. However, so far, despite reports to the contrary in the media, including The London Times, medical regulators have still not formally authorized a wide-spread study of cannabis and pain management. While a small trial is a good first step, the question remains why this has taken so long to even get going, let alone why the project is so limited. Canpain is not the first cannabis experiment in the country and is far from the largest. That distinction goes to Project TWENTY21, organized by a non-profit research organization called Drug Science.  However, Canpain would be, upon proper launch, the first government backed trial which could also lead to patients finally being prescribed medical cannabis via the National Health Service (or NHS). Its success remains in doubt, however, particularly given what is happening elsewhere in Europe right now. This includes Germany, the largest reimbursed medical cannabis market in the EU, where public health insurers are increasingly turning down applications for medical cannabis authorization on the basis of “just” chronic pain. What Is Actually About to Happen The initial “feasibility study” will be conducted by a private cannabis clinic, LVL Health, which will first enroll 100 patients as a first step of the larger experiment (which has not yet even been approved by the NHS). Canpain aims to enroll up to 5,000 adult patients who will receive cartridges with unprocessed cannabis flower on a daily basis for at least one year.  This will not be completely free. Patients will have to pay about $300 per month to receive capsules…

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Source : Limited British Study on Cannabis and Chronic Pain to be Launched

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