5 Tips for Establishing a Security Plan for Your Dispensary

5 Tips for Establishing a Security Plan for Your Dispensary

<![CDATA[It’s no secret that cannabis dispensaries are cash-run operations, making them an attractive target for criminals. And in recent months, there has seemingly been an increase in crimes targeting dispensaries across the U.S. For example, in February, there were 14 reported crimes at dispensaries in Los Angeles, Cali.–the highest reported number since 2018, Xtown.la reported. And a recent crime at a Washington dispensary turned fatal when a male worker at the World of Weed in Tacoma was shot during an attempted robbery March 19, Cannabis Business Times reported.RELATED: Two Teens Wanted in Fatal Washington Dispensary Shooting”From the reporting that I’ve been seeing, there definitely appears to be an uptick in crime, in particular theft involving dispensaries, or at least there certainly appears to be more publicity of those that are occurring,” says Michael Sampson, partner with Pittsburgh-based law firm Leech Tishman and member of the firm’s litigation practice group.”This is a reminder to other dispensaries and others in the industry to take security and crime prevention and insurance coverage very seriously because it shows us and reminds us of the very real risks out there for the industry,” he adds.RELATED: New Mexico Cannabis Dispensary Xtracts Faces Robbery Ahead of OpeningHere, Sampson shares his top tips and guidelines to consider when establishing a security plan for your business.1. Determine What’s Necessary”I look at security almost as building blocks, layers or levels, and that is true in both how you determine what’s necessary and how you implement it,” he says.As cannabis regulations vary on a state-by-state business, Sampson suggests first looking at your state’s rules and regulations, as it can help set a “baseline or threshold” for your plan, he says. For example, your state may require you to have a registered security guard on the premises, which is essential to know,…

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