Improve Your Soil with JADAM Microbial Solution

Improve Your Soil with JADAM Microbial Solution

JADAM Microbial Solution (JMS for short) is a powerful solution for your soil. You may be wondering what it is, how it works, and what you use it for. If so, read on. In this article, I will answer these questions and talk about how to make it. As you will learn, JMS is an amazing solution to add to your arsenal of homemade, natural amendments. The Origins of JADAM We’re going to first talk about Korean Natural Farming before talking about JMS. This is because JMS started its life with Korean Natural Farming (KNF for short) back in the 60s with Dr Cho Han Kyu. Dr Cho wanted to bring something to western farming that would prevent the leaching of the land. He helped revolutionise agriculture to become self-sustainable at minimal cost to the farmer. As he started having a family, his son, Youngsang Cho, took over where his father left off, further fine-tuning KNF by adding JADAM. JADAM stands for Jayonul Damun Saramdul (the name of the organisation that was created by Mr Cho), which means “people who are like nature.” JADAM is more than just a microbial solution, though. It is a form of farming that runs in line with KNF. The Principles of JADAM Like KNF, JADAM is a way to provide a natural way of farming that almost eliminates cost. It’s a way to use simple principles that are easy to follow. Just like KNF, Mr Cho utilises the scientific method to prove that this way of treating the soil works better than any other fertiliser, revitalising the soil at deeper levels, and it is something that cannot be bought on a store shelf. You must use fresh materials that you find in the wild. You are basically bringing a copy of the forest floor…

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