Autism acceptance: Mental health activist dubs cannabis a ‘lifesaver’

Autism acceptance: Mental health activist dubs cannabis a ‘lifesaver’
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To mark World Autism Acceptance month, mental health activist, John Junior, opened up about his journey with cannabis and autism. John Junior credits cannabis as saving him from a lifetime of debilitating symptoms – and said he would not hesitate to recommend it to others who are experiencing difficulties. To recognise World Autism Acceptance month, which runs throughout April, the 33-year-old mental health activist opened up about his journey with autism and cannabis. When, at the age of 11, John’s legs were found to be growing at different rates, his parents took him to Staffordshire hospital for an operation on his knees. But before the surgery could go ahead, medical professionals carried out a number of tests to determine the cause of his growth issues. It was quickly revealed that John was born with an extra copy of the female (X) chromosome and he was diagnosed with the genetic condition Klinefelter syndrome. Often not discovered until adulthood, it can cause a variety of physical, hormonal and developmental symptoms – it affects about one in every 660 males. With the syndrome also comes an increased risk of mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and autism, John, from Wimslow, explained. Just a year or so after his hospital visit, he was diagnosed as autistic, which in his case presented itself as an extreme difficulty in processing sensory information. “We interpret sensory things differently,” he told Cannabis Health. “It makes us feel overwhelmed.” He described an intense sensitivity to loud noises caused by, for example, people jumping about, car doors shutting or chairs scraping on the floor. “I have to cover my ears and can’t look at things because it sends me crazy,” John continued. “I want to die when it gets too much. It’s very painful, debilitating, it made me…

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