New Publication: Oxford Uni Press: The Oxford Handbook of Global Drug History

New Publication: Oxford Uni Press: The Oxford Handbook of Global Drug History

The Blurb Drugs and their illicit use have long fascinated writers and the public at large. Informed by new interdisciplinary perspectives, a growing number of academically trained historians are now approaching drugs as a wide-open topic for serious research. This Handbook of Global Drug History is the first major attempt by historians of drugs to take stock of the recent progress and directions of this field, utilizing both a global scope and long-term historical perspective. Thirty-five original essays simultaneously survey what is known historically about drugs across the world (in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa) as well as illustrating their historical interconnections. The use of drugs in human culture goes back millennia with as many unique histories as cultures in which drugs were used. In the early modern world, human relationships with drugs changed, and drugs connected societies through transnational trade. In the nineteenth century, these diverse histories converge in defining the modern “pariah drugs” (among them alcohol, opium, and indigenous hallucinogens) and paved the way for the dramatic twentieth-century rise of both illicit drugs (such as cannabis, heroin, and cocaine) and global prohibitions. Now, in the twenty-first century, we see emerging possibilities for rethinking the global social, health, and policy approaches to drug trafficking and use. Acknowledgements Introduction: A New Global History of Drugs, Paul Gootenberg Part I. Ancient Drug Worlds 1. Africa: The Forgotten Drug Continent, Neil Carrier 2. Psychoactive Drugs in European Prehistory, Elisa Guerra-Doce 3. Plant Drugs and Shamanism in the Americas, Henrique S. Carneiro 4. Ancient American Civilizations, States, and Drugs, Stacey Schwartzkopf 5. Soma and Drug History in Ancient Asia, Davide Torri Part II. Precolonial to Colonial Drug Trades and Cultures 6. The New Imperial Drug Trades, 1500-1800, Benjamin Breen 7. Tobacco’s Cultural Shifts as an Early Atlantic Drug, Marcy Norton 8. Forbidden Drugs of the Colonial Americas, Martin Nesvig 9. Mind-Altering Drugs in…

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Source : New Publication: Oxford Uni Press: The Oxford Handbook of Global Drug History

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