Do men and women consume cannabis differently?

Do men and women consume cannabis differently?
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A recent report from the US highlights the differences in how men and women consume medical cannabis products.  Healthcare technology company, Veriheal, recently published its annual Medical Cannabis Preference Report. The survey of registered medical cannabis patients in the US shines some light on which types of cannabis products are preferred by men and women, and what product offerings patients most hope to see available in dispensaries. The company drew data from 125,000 patient signups registered in 2021 to the Veriheal platform, surveying cannabis use preferences, user experience, medical conditions and several other variables which factor into their cannabis use. The data was segregated into respondent groups based on self-identified sex (male or female) as presented in electronic health records. Women prefer edibles to flower Its findings show that women are more likely than men to consume edibles over alternatives such as flower, which the authors suggest could be linked to a “prevailing stigma around women and substance use”. According to the figures, men significantly prefer cannabis flower (80 per cent) to edibles (63 per cent), while women didn’t appear to have a significant preference. However, 31 per cent of women would like to see more edibles on the market, and only 18 per cent would like to see more flower-based products. Patients of both genders signalled a desire for feelings of relaxation and pain relief when using cannabis.  Men were slightly more likely to desire pain relief (69 per cent) rather than relaxation (67 per cent), while women were slightly more likely to desire feeling relaxed (72 per cent) to feeling relief from pain (69 per cent).  The survey also revealed that women use cannabis to treat nausea at significantly higher rates than men. Does stigma play a part? Those behind the report point to potential explanations, including better…

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