Croatia Opens 400m2, Their First Cannabis Museum

Croatia Opens 400m2, Their First Cannabis Museum
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The first museum of cannabis has just opened in Croatia’s capital of Zagreb.  The goal? To educate the public about cannabis.  The new museum offers an experiential guide through the history of cannabis along with cultural exhibits that include everything from cannabis-themed music to movies. Themed museums are nothing new to Zagreb, which offers “museums” on topics from hangovers, broken relationships, and the 1980s. However, this experience promises to be a little different, just because cannabis reform is a zeitgeisty, if not universal, issue. Visitors will be guided through two floors of cannahistory, including the plant’s use for the past 10,000 years as well as educational topics like the use of medical cannabis and the wide utility of hemp. However, the museum also focuses on the topic of recreational use—along with warnings about the potential health hazards of use. Where is Legalization in Croatia? In Croatia, like other European countries, hemp is legal; medical use is allowed in very limited cases and small amounts of possession of high THC are decriminalized but can lead to fines ranging from about $700 to $3,000. Growing and selling, however, are harshly punished with a minimum three-year jail sentence.  For most people who care about these issues, this status quo is far from enough. The limited legalization reform for medical use happened in October 2015 after an MS patient was caught growing his own to try to keep his symptoms in check. Cannabis for medical use is a good step, however, in Croatia as well as elsewhere, this still leaves patients in danger of being criminalized, particularly if their doctors refuse to prescribe the drug. In February 2020 the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) tried to introduce a bill into Parliament to fully legalize the plant, but this failed for a variety of reasons, including…

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