Low Doses Of Cannabinoids May Help Treat Autism

Low Doses Of Cannabinoids May Help Treat Autism

Over the last few years, several encouraging studies have hinted at the potential of cannabis to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder. However, research into this topic still has a long way to go, and many fundamental questions remain unanswered. For example, it is not yet known which combinations of cannabinoids are the most effective at alleviating the core symptoms of autism. However, a new study suggests that high doses may not be necessary. Related Post Cannabis May Help Treat Autism Symptoms In Children Which Cannabinoids Are Best For Autism? Appearing in the Journal of Cannabis Research, the new study presents two years’ worth of data collected at a treatment centre in Turkey. During this period, 33 children with autism received a cannabis extract containing CBD and trace amounts of THC. Children underwent treatment for an average of 6.5 months, after which 32.2 percent displayed a noticeable decrease in behavioural problems, 22.5 percent began using more expressive language, and 12.9 percent showed signs of improved cognition. An increase in social interactions was reported in 9.6 per cent of children, while just six patients showed no change in their core autism traits after undergoing cannabinoid treatment[i]. While this is just one small study, these results are particularly striking as they were achieved using very low quantities of CBD. The average dose provided was just 0.7 milligrams of extract for every kilogram of body weight, which is considerably lower than the dosages used in previous studies. For instance, a landmark study from 2019 indicated that 3.8 milligrams of CBD per kilogram of body weight is sufficient to improve behaviour, cognition and communication in autistic children[ii]. Another study used 4.55 milligrams of the cannabinoid per kilogram of body weight, resulting in improved sleep, increased social interactions, reductions in ADHD and…

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