Isle of Man pharmacies to trial dispensing medical cannabis products

Isle of Man pharmacies to trial dispensing medical cannabis products
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Medical cannabis patients on the Isle of Man may soon be able to access their prescriptions through a local pharmacy, under a new Government pilot scheme. The Department of Health and Social Care is looking to partner with an on-island community pharmacy, to trial an import and dispensing service for Cannabis Based Medicinal Products (CBMP).  This means that patients with private prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products will be able to access products on the island, through a “quality assured and accredited dispensary process”.  A public consultation in 2019 showed overwhelming support for providing a route through which patients could obtain cannabis based medicinal products on prescription. But currently patients who hold prescriptions on the Isle of Man are required to import their medication, which is distributed by cannabis dispensaries in the UK.   The Government now is seeking an on island pharmacy based service to operate the scheme as a pilot for a minimum of 12 months, as the “next stage in the journey” of enabling patients to access these medicines. According to an official release from the Department of Health, alongside the importation and dispensing of products, the pharmacy will play a key role in developing a robust governance process and in helping collect data and evidence of current needs to shape future services.   Read more: Proposal for medical cannabis facility put forward on Isle of Man  A statement on the Government website said: “Isle of Man residents seeking medical cannabis will need to do so via a private prescription from a private clinic in the United Kingdom or Crown Dependencies, by clinicians who are on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council (GMC) and who can prescribe such products.    “At this time prescriptions for any CBMP will not be available on the NHS from the Department or Manx…

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