Argentina Authorizes Nonprofit Patient Cannabis Collectives

Argentina Authorizes Nonprofit Patient Cannabis Collectives
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While it may sound “old hat” to cannabis industry experts in North America, the government of Argentina has just made a bold move that will allow patients to access medical cannabis in a way not seen in most reforming jurisdictions elsewhere. Namely, the Argentine Ministry of Health has authorized specially licensed and permitted nonprofits to grow cannabis for medical patients. Each NGO will be allowed to provide cannabis to up to 150 people, cultivate both in and outdoors and register multiple properties for the purpose of the same. Patients will also have to participate in a special registry called the Registry of the Cannabis Program (REPROCANN). Nonprofits who register more than 150 patients will also be allowed to request authorization for the extension of these patient counts to the National Program for the study and research of medicinal cannabis. Resolution 673 modifies an Argentinian resolution passed in March of last year which established and regulated the operation of the REPROCANN program and created the basic parameters of controlled cultivation for medical users.  The Details Each nonprofit may cultivate up to nine plants per patient and will be allowed up to 6m2 for indoor cultivation and up to 15m2 for outdoor cultivation for this purpose. When transported by vehicle, up to six bottles of 30ml of cannabis extract or up to 40 grams of dried flowers will be allowed by authorized persons. The program has been set up to simplify the guaranteed access to treatments for medical cannabis users and allow third parties to provide the same for registered patients. Cannabis Reform in Argentina Cannabis has been decriminalized in Argentina for personal use since the Supreme Court ruled on the same in 2009 and further decided that personal use was a constitutional right. Public consumption is generally tolerated. Consumption for medical…

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