We tried it: Ebb medicated drink powders

We tried it: Ebb medicated drink powders

Colorado-based Ebb specializes in nanoemulsion powders that dissolve in food and beverages. Its powders are available in both confectionery and flavorless varieties in dispensaries throughout the state and are easily added to water, tea, coffee, juice, or even a dish of food. Each cardboard cylinder of Ebb contains 10 milligrams of THC per serving and is sweetened with Stevia. The vibe is very similar to sugar packets, or in my frame of reference, the Crystal Light drink powder packets my parents drank in the ’90s. Frankly, I’m not sure which attracted me more, the niche nostalgia or the nanotech — they were both on point. For the sake of both sentimentality and contemporary consumption, we auditioned Ebb’s Wildberry and Pink Lemonade powders in a variety of beverages to see just how versatile these unique edibles can be in our day-to-day lives. Find Ebb First impressions Ebb’s cylindrical containers are about five inches tall and a bit narrower than a soda can. Each container’s pretty color gradient indicates its flavor: violet and blue for Wilberry, pink and yellow for Pink Lemonade, coral and orange for Orange Mango, and shades of blue for the unflavored Pure. The straightforward branding is both easy to recognize and to interpret, and even the instructions are accompanied by graphics with an additional suggestion to repurpose the Ebb container into a makeup brush holder — in case you were wondering who the target market for this product may be. Once the container is opened, the inner design is revealed, along with ten diminutive packages of powder, each about half the size and heft of a sugar packet. When opened, the fine powders within are simply dumped into your food or drink of choice. Pink Lemonade powder I auditioned the Pink Lemonade variety of Ebb on one of…

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