Living with endometriosis – how medical cannabis is dulling the pain

Living with endometriosis – how medical cannabis is dulling the pain
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Throughout Endometriosis Awareness Month, Cannabis Health spoke to people across the world living with the debilitating condition, about how access to cannabis helps relieve symptoms from chronic pain to anxiety. Endometriosis, an extremely common inflammatory condition, is present in about one in 10 women and non-binary people, aged between 25 to 40 in the United Kingdom – but can affect people at any age. It occurs when cells, similar to those lining the womb, grow elsewhere in the body, such as the bladder, ovaries, colon and rectum, and react to changing hormones in the menstrual cycle. “They grow thicker in size as oestrogen levels peak in the middle of the cycle and then they break away and start to bleed like the lining of the womb during a period,” explains Dr Wendy Holden of Sapphire Medical Clinics. “This blood is slowly reabsorbed by the body but the process can cause inflammation, pain, and the formation of scar tissue.” Endometriosis can be difficult to diagnose due to its symptoms mirroring other conditions and the fact that it can only be officially diagnosed through a laparoscopy – a surgical procedure. The average diagnosis time from onset of symptoms is seven and a half years, with many patients being misdiagnosed or not being taken seriously. Those who have the condition often suffer from painful periods, painful sex, pain in the lower abdomen, pain on passing a stool and urinating, or lower back pain. This can then lead to difficulty sleeping, inability to focus on daily tasks, and in some cases a mental health decline. Managing chronic pain is the first line of treatment and can take the form of painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, mefenamic acid and opioids, or hormonal treatment, or both. For some people, symptoms can be controlled at this stage,…

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