FSA Publish List of Approved CBD Brands that can be sold in the UK

FSA Publish List of Approved CBD Brands that can be sold in the UK

FSA Publish List of Validated CBD Brands that can be sold in the UK Today was to be a monumental day for the CBD industry in the UK, with regulations coming into effect via the Food Standards Agency (FSA) publishing their list of legal CBD products that can be sold on the UK market. Having taken nearly two years to complete their research and approval processes on each company selling consumable CBD goods in the UK, companies will finally be able to see where their application stands. The FSA has faced huge backlash around the move, with companies finding the paperwork, cost and timeframe for approval detrimental to their ability to operate successfully. However, as far as the FSA is concerned, CBD is a novel food and therefore must be authorized before products are put on the market, just like chia seeds before them. CBD is classified as a novel food, in line with FSA, as there is no history of consumption before May 1997. The list has been in the making for two year, with every applicant needing to give extremely detailed information about each of their products and every stage of their supply chain needing to be examined. The deadline was moved to accommodate the workload involved due to the number of applications requiring investigation. However, the list has left a lot of CBD companies none the wiser, with only 3 new companies added to the validated list and some 3,000+ products published as ‘awaiting evidence’ the industry is looking at, potentially, months before finding out the outcome of their products. As it stands you can view the list of CBD products validated for the UK shelves here. What does this mean for the CBD brands that gain approval? With approximately 3,500 product applications listed, products that have gained…

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