“Cannabis Saved My Life”

“Cannabis Saved My Life”

We sent out a questionnaire to our Seedsman Community asking how and why they use cannabis medicinally as part of our #MedMarch promotion. And while we received many stories, this one really needed to be shared. Domonico is a part of our community, regularly sharing updates on his grows on our Facebook page. What we didn’t know was just how vital growing and consuming cannabis is for him. This is the story of a man who almost lost his way entirely due to opiate addiction and how cannabis turned him back around. I got my medical license so I could legally use marijuana to help with my opiate addiction. I used opiates to self medicate for anxiety, PTSD, depression, and pain from a broken back as a child. Now marijuana helps combat all of those issues, as well as any cravings for opiates. Growing my own is just as therapeutic, as it keeps me busy and gives me something to do that I enjoy and that I can be proud of. It’s really helped me get my life back. It helped me go from being homeless, strung out, and in and out of jail, to having my own family, my own house, my own car, and basically everything I’ve ever needed in life.Domonico Padilla What brought you to using cannabis as a medicine? I’ve smoked weed since I was a teenager, but by the time I needed it medically, my tolerance was so high, and the quality of the weed in my town was so low I never would’ve thought I could use it in place of medicine. It was only in the last five or so years, when the research got better, and people started to realize its wider medical uses that I began to consider it for myself…

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