Report Finds Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Youth Marijuana Use

Report Finds Cannabis Legalization Does Not Increase Youth Marijuana Use
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A recent policy paper from the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education and Regulation (CPEAR) has determined that cannabis legalization does not increase the use of cannabis by young people. The report from the nonprofit group, which is supported by leading companies in the alcohol and tobacco industries, also outlines strategies that policymakers can implement to prevent youth marijuana use.  “Over 100 million Americans live in a state with legalized, adult-use cannabis—but what we should consider is what that means for our nation’s youth,” Andrew Freedman, executive director of CPEAR, said in a press release. “This research highlights how preventing youth from using cannabis requires local communities and stakeholders to be at the forefront of this effort. It further outlines the need for congressional action to build a federal cannabis framework rooted in data, correct the current patchwork of cannabis laws, and build preventative measures into place to protect America’s youth from cannabis misuse.” The report, titled “Addressing Youth and Cannabis: Solutions to combat and prevent youth misuse through a federal regulatory system,” states that numerous studies have revealed that youth marijuana use either decreases or remains stable in regulated cannabis markets. Data from 8th, 10th and 12th graders consistently showed no increase in cannabis use. “State legalization of cannabis has not, on average, impacted the prevalence of cannabis use among adolescents,” the report says. “In other words, states with medical and/or adult-use laws are not seeing larger increases in adolescent use relative to states where use remains illegal.” Strategies To Prevent Youth Cannabis Usage CPEAR’s report also shared strategies for preventing marijuana use by young people. The authors noted that a combination of early prevention measures including school and after-school programs, counseling, digital intervention and community initiatives can be an effective deterrent to youth marijuana use.  The report cited Colorado’s Good to Know campaign “which…

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