10 Years In The Making: Q&A With G Pen CEO Chris Folkerts

10 Years In The Making: Q&A With G Pen CEO Chris Folkerts

<![CDATA[Grenco Science, the company behind the G Pen, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year since the company’s founding in 2012.Not only is Grenco Science celebrating its decade milestone, but company founder and CEO Chris Folkerts also recently celebrated his 40th birthday earlier this month. As he reaches new milestones both professionally and personally, Folkerts sat down with Cannabis Business Times to reflect on his company’s history, his career in cannabis, the California market, and more.Zach Mentz: How did you get your start in this industry and how did you end up here as founder and CEO of Grenco Science?© Grenco ScienceFolkertsChris Folkerts: Not only did my company turn 10 [in February], but I turned 40 [in March], so it’s kind of an interesting moment … I think it’s a nice intersection of where I expected I would be in life and where I thought the company (Grenco Science) would be.There was this ‘it’ moment in a dispensary called LA Confidential in Los Angeles that was very known as an epicenter for a lot of the culture and lifestyle that happened. They had a hash bar, and they did jazz and comedy nights, things like that, and so this became very much of a hangout for me and a lot of people. The (California) market was still medicinal, shops were plentiful, it was pretty easy to get yourself into a space and it was pretty easy to get yourself set up. That was the landscape for the industry. You had growers and you had shops and you had middlemen in between. As I was hanging out and being there, I saw the very first product where somebody figured out how to utilize e-cig technology that was currently available. I saw somebody that figured it out, a guy out of the Bay…

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