Cira E-Rig Offers Easy, Portable Dabbing

Cira E-Rig Offers Easy, Portable Dabbing
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The new Cira e-rig from AUXO is the latest in portable electric dab rig technology, designed to deliver a premium concentrates consumption experience. The device is part of a new generation of e-rigs that are taking over the market and changing the way concentrate connoisseurs enjoy their dabs. The Cira e-rig has been developed with a focus on user experience. To ensure an uncomplicated and clean e-rig session, it removes the need for you to take cumbersome and dangerous butane torches on the road with you. Instead, the smart device heats an element with dual long-lasting 2000mAh batteries, so dabbers can taste their terps on a hike or at the beach without using any flames. The device comes with titanium and quartz heating chamber options, allowing you to switch up your dabbing experience depending on the flavors and terpene levels of your content. Additional user-friendly features include a distinctive anti-scalding wave design and an OLED monitor that displays both temperature and battery life so that you can quickly check on Cira’s status at a glance.  Ideal for Dabbers on the Move I took the Cira for a day skiing with friends in Big Sky, Montana. I was excited to see how it would perform for a day’s worth of dabbing with some slurpy, terpy live rosin to elevate our experience, and to discover just how portable the device is.  Snugly fitting in my hand, Cira measures at 130mm long and 76mm wide, and weighs a comfortable 340g without the glass mouthpiece, perfect for taking on the road. Just before riding the slopes of Lone Mountain in Big Sky, we took our first hits on the Cira. We were still in my friend’s car, so I loaded the quartz chamber with the extract. Quartz is my favorite material for nails and bangers, as it really…

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