Cannabis and PTSD Treatment

Cannabis and PTSD Treatment

We sent out a questionnaire to our community earlier this month, asking you to share stories of how you use cannabis for medicinal purposes. We’ll be sharing a few of those stories with you in the coming days, in the hope you may see some common ground. One story that caught our eye was that of “Bagel” (real name confidential), who turned to growing and consuming his own cannabis following a long military career. These stories are all a part of #MedMarch on Seedsman, where we champion the benefits of medicinal cannabis. At the same time, we’re offering a buy one get one free on all medical strains. Here’s how this vet turned to cannabis once he came home: What brought you to using cannabis as a medicine? I was a casual recreational user in college. After my ten year enlistment, I was discharged because of my PTSD back and knee issues. I had trouble sleeping and horrible nightmares. After trying all sorts of sedatives and tranquillizers that would get me to sleep initially but did nothing for the nightmares that woke me up constantly, I decided to give cannabis a try. I had seen a YouTube video of veterans who had great results from it. I haven’t looked back since. My sleep and nightmare issues are still there but are decidedly more manageable. Are there many veterans who use cannabis to help them recover both from the pain and the PTSD brought on by active service? I know of three others and myself. I use it for pain and sleep primarily. Generally, when I need to have my mind take a rest from the hypervigilance. Cannabis has a big stigma within the military and veterans communities as use of it is grounds for dishonourable discharge. So we often see…

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