A Health Insurance Program Crafted For Cannabis Businesses

A Health Insurance Program Crafted For Cannabis Businesses

<![CDATA[PITTSBURGH, March 24, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) announces the launch of a new health insurance program for cannabis companies—Health ReLeaf.Over the past decade, premiums and deductibles have risen faster than workers’ wages, and as a result, NCRMA and My Benefit Advisor have partnered on a solution. Through the launch of Health ReLeaf, they’re helping cannabis companies take control. By knowing the health plan’s data and spending, Health ReLeaf can help cannabis businesses make decisions in the best interest of their company and employees. The health plans put businesses in control of the outcomes and give employees the relief they’ve been looking for.”Employers are aware of the challenges associated with controlling health care spending,” said Brian McLaughlin, market leader for My Benefit Advisor. “My Benefit Advisor is excited about the opportunity to partner with the NCRMA to give their members the chance to take control of their health care spending. The ReLeaf program gives employers the data and tools to manage costs while providing the employees the benefits they deserve.””One of the most significant risks faced by cannabis companies is talent optimization,” said Rocco Petrilli, NCRMA chairman, “locating and placing ‘the right people in the right places’ is the challenge of the moment. Once this is accomplished, retaining these employees takes center stage. Health ReLeaf benefits will provide employees with the security of solid medical coverage and will work to keep this valuable workforce in place and productive.”The new program offered to NCRMA company members leverages a different approach by funding the known risks and insuring the unknown. Health ReLeaf’s process integrates employee health assessment to identify known risks. The offering is made specifically for companies working in the cannabis industry. It offers full protection from all volatile claims. By identifying these known…

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