Talking Trichomes And Terpenes With Dr Callie Seaman

Talking Trichomes And Terpenes With Dr Callie Seaman

“Everyone talks about cannabinoids, but we need to bang the drum for terpenes and the other secondary metabolites that really contribute to the entourage effect,” says Dr Callie Seaman in a Monday afternoon Zoom call with Seedsman. A leading cannabis scientist, Dr Seaman, describes herself as a “trichome lover” and says that her current research focuses on illuminating the mysteries contained within these small, hair-like structures “so that we can grow smarter”. Related Post Which Terpenes Are In Which Cannabis Strains? Terpenes Under The Microscope Terpenes get a lot of attention these days as an increasing body of scientific evidence suggests that they may play a crucial role in enhancing the medical properties of different cultivars. However, most terpenes are only present in trace amounts in cannabis, making it difficult to produce extracts with significant quantities of these intriguing compounds. Seaman is looking into how plants can be coaxed into increasing their terpene production to address this issue. The key, she says, lies in understanding which environmental factors trigger the synthesis of different terpenes and then enhancing these stimuli. “Why does the plant produce these secondary metabolites? It’s all to do with stress – it’s a defence mechanism,” she explains. For instance, some terpenes act as insect repellents while others ward off larger predators like herbivorous mammals. “Once know why a plant produces certain terpenes, the question becomes: Can we trick the plant into producing more of them?” says Seaman. “For example, if you have a strain with the genetic potential for high myrcene production, how do you use the environment to enhance that expression?” These questions have yet to be answered, and researchers are still getting to grips with the fundamental question of what different terpenes actually do. Still, Seaman is in no doubt as to how important this…

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