We Tried It: Laurie + Mary Jane Edibles Review

We Tried It: Laurie + Mary Jane Edibles Review

Founded by prolific cannabis advocate, writer, and cookbook author Laurie Wolf and her daughter-in-law Mary, Laurie + Mary Jane is a Portland-based edibles company with a distinct foodie-centric POV. Its award-winning truffles, cookies, fudges, and savory crackers are ubiquitous on dispensary shelves across Oregon and available in a variety of flavors. Laurie + Mary Jane’s lineup includes a number of full-spectrum stashbox staples like chewy chocolate chip cookies and bite-sized brownies, as well as signature items like the “Cake Party” fudge and crispy cheese crackers. While other edibles tend to deliver cannabis solely for the sake of getting high, Laurie + Mary Jane’s edibles are thoughtful confections that would feel just as correct behind elegant boulangerie glass as they do behind dispensary counters. We had the opportunity to audition a curated selection of Laurie + Mary Jane’s edibles: classic fudge, prizewinning truffles, and fragrant almond cake bites. Through a weekend of weird suburban mall adventures, drag queen watch parties, and the everyday chaos of parenthood, here’s what I thought of Laurie + Mary Jane’s edibles. First impressions The cylindrical containers that house Laurie + Mary Jane’s cakes bites, truffles, and crackers look like oversized weed canisters. They popped open with a super heady exhale of amaretto in the almond bites, and rich dark chocolate with the brownie truffles. Both items maintained a bakery-fresh perfume that literally made my mouth water. Each product’s ingredient lists support the assertion that the brand’s sensibility is couched in creating something deliciously decadent first and medicating it second. The contents read like a grandmother’s recipe cards, which stands to reason, considering that Wolf is a recipe wizard whose contributions have been featured in publications coast to coast. The formulations are straightforward, familiar, clean, and just specific enough to set them apart from their shelf mates. Bonus:…

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