“Treat us as patients, not criminals” says cannabis campaigner

“Treat us as patients, not criminals” says cannabis campaigner
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Home George Hutchings has been campaigning for NHS access to medical cannabis for almost a decade, after it transformed his quality of life following his diagnosis of a rare, debilitating condition.  Eight years ago, George Hutchings travelled from his home on the Isle of Wight to Holland in an attempt to collect medical cannabis, which he was using to manage the symptoms of Charcot-Marie Tooth disease (CMT) type two. CMT is a progressive condition, caused by damage to the peripheral nerve. It causes gradual muscle wastage and severe neuropathic pain, among other symptoms. There is no cure for CMT, and George was prescribed a range of medication to help him manage the pain, including opioids, muscle relaxants and antidepressants. The only thing that helped was Tramadol, but it turned him into a “zombie”. “After eight tablets a day I was just a wreck, my moods would change, it was horrible,” he says. After searching for alternative treatments online, George came across cannabis. It completely transformed his quality of life. “It’s brilliant, it’s a wonder drug,” George says to the camera, in Forbidden Medicine, a film that was made to document his journey at the time. Cannabis campaigner George Hutchings. “It helps with the cramps in my muscles, the cramps in my hamstrings, it helps with my diet, it helps me sleep at night, it helps me with my depression. I find it more beneficial than any of the tablets that I’m prescribed that my doctors want me to take.” George collected his medicine from a pharmacy in Holland and declared it at customs in Southampton Airport. But despite him having a prescription, the cannabis was confiscated and returned home empty handed.  This was just one attempt George made during this period, to highlight the plight of patients who relied on…

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Source : “Treat us as patients, not criminals” says cannabis campaigner

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