Selecting Cannabis Genetics through Pheno Hunting

Selecting Cannabis Genetics through Pheno Hunting

By @redlegcultivator Phenotypic selection, or pheno-hunting or phenotyping, is the process of selecting an individual based on the set of observable characteristics resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. When we apply this to the selection of a cannabis plant, these observable characteristics are the colours, tastes, smells, bud structure, trichome production, cannabinoid potency, and terpene profile. Choosing genetics can be extremely subjective and is based on the goals of the grower. Different Stokes for Different Folks A Commercial Grower prefers to choose genetics like dense bud structure, heavy trichome coverage, and higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. They are looking for the best overall product. While some phenotypes may have higher potency or better bud structure, commercial growers want a happy medium between high potency and produce. More medicinal or craft growers may want to isolate the highest potency possible despite other characteristics. These growers may want extreme therapeutic or psychoactive properties. Those not found in some other phenotypes with better bud structure or colour expressions. They may find that producing high potency medicine is the top priority over yield. Some growers seek to isolate the best colours or aesthetic qualities for artful purposes. These growers love the look of the cannabis plant and grow them for the aesthetic value they possess. Cannabis can fade into beautiful colours, and the stems can be interwoven to produce living art. When grown around rocks and other bases, cannabis plants can be trained and pruned into any shape. The Story of my Pheno Hunting As you can see in my example, I am currently hunting just two seeds of a cultivar named Black Nitro. Even though the choice is only limited to two phenotypes, my goal is to find the best overall product based on my set of priorities.…

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